Our latest product

Linguizz is a reading comprehension and vocabulary learning system powered by an unique visual and contextual dictionary. It is the product of several years of real-life implementation, based on:

  • language learning experiences of English and languages other than English
  • classroom instruction of English as a Second and a First language in K-12 and higher education
  • working experience with multi-cultural and national staffs.

It is now widely recognized that a picture truly is “worth a thousand words,” particularly with abstract concept words difficult to explain or imagine. Continuous classroom and student beta testing and analyzing the product as a teaching and learning tool, has resulted in the world’s first visual vocabulary comprised of more than 28,000+ academic words, heretofore only explained with words.

Testing of Linguizz has demonstrated not only faster learning, but also longer retention and superior comprehension. This is done by associating a picture with an emotion or abstract word, adding not only sample sentences to definitions but real-time links to their use in the international press.