Commission Management Software

This industry neutral software was created for customers where a vast, often complex structure of commission payments is part of the business. It connects via interfaces to the core business software database and takes care of the commission and tax calculation, payment and payback.

The payee (agent) structure can be very complex, multi-leveled, one-to-many and many-to-one hierarchical, multi-role (one agent in multiple roles), with each agent having a separate account.

The series of calculation and payment rules are time-based, with “valid from-to” dates. Change of these dates results in automatic recalculation of payments, back payments if required, which results in setting up future corrective payments (or negative balance on the agent account if desired so).

The software also supports a wide variety of modeling tools (what-if scenarios) to test the possible effect of different rulesets or effective dates.

Aggregated calculation of multiple business branches for the same agent structure is also possible (i.e. having a life insurance and a car insurance business, with different commission calculation rulesets).

Ad-hoc or recurring periodic commission calculation reports are automatically generated then printed or emailed to the payees.