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Infinit Software Solutions, Inc.℠ Launches SimplyResults™ Business Facilitation Software for Membership Organizations

Increase Involvement, Motivate, Retain and Grow Membership by empowering members with relevant and strategic product and service search facilities.

Infinit Software Solutions, Inc., announces a cloud-based, turn-key, business facilitation solution designed to provide membership organizations with an enhanced product and services search tool providing precise, targeted, relevant information. Infinit's new SimplyResults

Unlike other search tools, SimplyResults is not designed to be all things to all people. Instead of searching through thousands or millions of results, members find answers to their requirements quickly and locate products and services which address their needs from providers interested in meeting members' needs.

SimplyResults also helps members who are overwhelmed by industry jargon and flooded with irrelevant search results by the inclusion of targeted, industry specific terminology and explanations (including medical, legal, insurance, finance, real estate, automotive and health care). Databases include only qualified providers specific to a member's needs and location.

The system is totally secure since membership data is not required and will never be compromised.

According to Art Tozer, CEO and Founder of Infinit Software Solutions, Inc., SimplyResults "is a new, fresh way to mobilize memberships, provide new and valuable services, generate revenue and do all this without significant investment."

SimplyResults is a cost effective solution with a nominal setup fee. Infinit provides both internal and external marketing assistance as requested.