Corporate Integration Portal Engine

This portal solution is aimed at customers with multiple computer software installed on multiple servers, possibly with several offices in geographically different locations. The portal “integrates” all these different software into a single user interface, offering the following business advantages:

  • Single strong password authentication for all software - enhanced security.
  • Data exchange between software that were not designed for that purpose - better reporting and MIS.
  • Unified user interface - improved productivity and lower learning curve.
  • Automated remote software deployment - lower maintenance costs.

User right management with multiple security levels - even for software that was not designed so, resulting better security and workflow management via automatically managing substitutions and staff absences.

Data aggregation from software without specific data interface - ability to create new reports without touching the original software, which is a huge benefit for legacy (unsupported) or hard-to-maintain software.

Multiple data sources can be integrated into the same screen or printed report, even from software that was not designed to work so - better functionality and productivity due to the simplified user interface.

Totally redesigned and customized user interface without modifying the underlying computer program - improved productivity resulting from the better ergonomics.