Value Added Outsourcing

We will bring the creative edge to your outsourcing needs

Outsourcing is not only a practical and efficient approach to business, choosing the right partner can bring additional expertise which would otherwise be unaffordable. A "Value Added Outsourcing" partner adds experience and creativity to your team and your organization resulting in better products, shorter development times and better return on investment without long-term labor intensive resource investments that can be better spent on marketing and operations. That is what we call: "Infinit Software Solutions."

Technical proficiencies

Our preferred software development tools are ORACLE relational database management system (RDMBS) , standard Java, Microsoft .NET or PowerBuilder. The created thin client, 3-logical-tier applications consist of a transactional database, the application logic programmed and stored in the database, and the graphical user interface written in either Java, .NET or PowerBuilder. This results in a robust, easy to maintain, and extremely powerful code - stored procedures provide the fastest way to data-intensive operations.

We are also experienced with performance tuning ORACLE RDBMS-based applications and their runtime environments.

LET - Legacy Extension Technology
  • Postpone costly investments
  • Reduce risks related to aging hardware
  • Teach new tricks to that old dog - add new functionality to legacy software
  • Integrate legacy software with other systems

It is often impractical or nearly impossible to repair and modify existing legacy computer programs. The work may still be inevitable because of hardware failure or functional weaknesses. The most economical approach is often to re-create the application using modern programming languages and hardware. It is considered as custom software development, but the blueprint is the old software itself. We have successfully extended the useful life of existing programs on failing hardware with this method, and added functionality to existing programs for the fraction of the price of a new software.

We can work at code level with Oracle, Java, HTML, Javascript, JSP, C, C++, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, Magic, .NET and PHP software and can retrieve the original functionality of applications written in almost any programming language ever used, assuming access to the source code or the working software (FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC dialects etc.)